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money manager, spending tracker & budgeting
money manager, spending tracker & budgeting
money manager, spending tracker & budgeting

It is easy to control expenses with CoinKeeper

Thanks to many functions and settings. Here are some of them:
Manage personal or family budget
Manage personal or family budget. On your own or with your spouse. Using IOS, Android or web version.
Expense forecasting, budgeting and accounting
A smart algorithm will give you a hint, when it's time to stop in order to stay within the budget.
Eeasily analyse expenses, track spending
With detailed graphs you can easily analyse expenses, track spending dynamics and, thus, make correct financial decisions based on your personal data.
Set expenses limits, expense report
Set your own category limits and keep track of whether you are spending more than have planned.
Your own expense categories
Create your own expense categories and revenue sources. Build your system of personal finance manamgement.
Know what exactly you have spent money on
Add personal tags and comments to any spending and you will know what exactly you have spent money on.
Spend less with money manager, financial planner
With CoinKeeper you will be able to spend less due to the detailed statistics and visual charts. It means that you can achieve your financial goals faster.

CoinKeeper Platinum

  • Unlimited amount of categories. Add any number of income and expense categories;
  • Detailed statistics. Compare your expenses and incomes by several categories and monitor your expenditures using tags;
  • Access on multiple devices. Manage finances with your family. Access data across all of your devices, including smartphones and PC;
  • Budgeting periods. Set spending limits. If there's any overspending we'll notify you of it.
  • Recording and tracking your expenses has never been simpler. Start your new financially conscious life with new CoinKeeper.
Personal financial plan, financial planning, financial planner

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money manager, family budget
money manager, family budget

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It's so handy! Great app, I chose it after a long search. Tracks transactions with sms, useful system of tags, flexible and easy. Thank you! :)
Romana Galitskaya
Thanks for an excellent app. It helped me and my wife so many times to plan expenses, calculate savings and much much more. Hard to imagine but before I started to use your app I had to use Excel! And couldn't even dream about detailed statistics or the track of debt. Just wanted to say: «Thank you».
Almaz Nurmuhametov
I use CoinKeeper for more than a year, installed it just accidently, I needed a program to keep track of my revenues and expenses, tried to use other apps but it's the best one! Recommend it!
Nikita Novostruev
This app is awesome, I couldn't use any other for more than 2 months but CoinKeeper is alive for already 14 years:) It helped grealty with the debt track otherwise I would get tangled up.
The app is easy at use.
Constantine Savusya

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money manager, family budget
money manager, family budget
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